Monday, December 27, 2010

Guys Like This Make Us All Look Bad!

This "hero" decides he's going to shoot at the bank robber as he's running away. I'm really against required training but guys like this sure provide ammunition for the other side.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Back!

No I really didn't go anywhere but it's been crazy busy and I really just haven't had time to blog. In addition, there have been some changes at work and I don't want to partake in any extracurricular activities on the company network.
Deer season was a bust but I do have four deer in the freezer thanks to my father. My son and I did not have any luck but it was good to get out for a few days and just enjoy the woods.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Move the Universe?

Since my wife has been working out of state and we have wanted an RV for a while, we decided to purchase one with the intent that she would stay in it rather than spending the money on a hotel. I signed the paperwork last Friday, here it is Tuesday and my wife gets a job offer for a work at home position which she will most likely accept.

This is especially funny because I told my son this morning that after 20 years of living on my own in Western New York I think I'm going to get a snow blower. I followed up by explaining that this would only speed up our move out of this area and result in us not needing the snowblower.

I'm thinking that there must be an action that I can take that would result in our winning the lottery. Hmmm...

Four Days Until Deer Season Begins

So I'm really down to only three days left to get tree stands fixed and do a little prep for shotgun season. It seems like every year I'm less prepared than the last. I swore I was going to build a nice stand for my dad that offered some shelter and add another stand for my son, but nothing got done. In fact, I can't remember a year where I accomplished so little. I'm not sure what happened to... Well, pretty much every day since spring began.. I guess I better start preparing for next spring now!
My birthday falls on openening day this year so with any luck my gift will be venison in the freezer. While I would love to get a nice buck, I'm really a meat hunter and while I've never tried antlers, I'm pretty sure they are not that tasty.
I'll just cross my fingers and hope a dumb one comes my way..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gunny Beer

I discovered these beers in Whole Foods, of course I had to pick them up. After all, with names like Shotgun Betty and Peacemaker how could I not?

Although the Hefeweizen is not my usual style of beers it is actually very good. The Pale Ale is a bit hoppy for me but still a pretty good brew. I have to see if I can purchase these in New York and check out the other flavors.
The purpose of the Whole Foods trip was to get raw peanuts. We can't get them around here so of course I needed to pick up a bag and see what I could do with them.

North Carolina Vegetable

Back from a trip to North Carolina where I learned an interesting thing, Macaroni & Cheese is a vegetable in the south. The 7th vegetable from the top left is Mac & Cheese. Huh??

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Combat to the Gun Shows

I've had a few pictures I've been meaning to post. The last few gun shows we went to I have taken helmet photos. We were messing around at the Syracuse show and Chris (bottom photo) put a helmet on, I snapped a photo and thought it was kinda funny so I did it at the next two shows we went to also. I'll have to get a picture of myself next time.

Dad in Rochester

Ken in Alexander

Chris in Syracuse

Not Enough Time in the Day

It feels like forever since I've posted anything. It's been so crazy I haven't had time to sit down and write from home and there have been a few changes at work that make me very hesitant to post from the company network. This could be a good excuse to get an ipad or that new airbook, hmmmm.

Anyway, my wife has taken a job in North Carolina and is flying back and forth on the weekends. Between driving the 30 miles to the airport twice a week, 40 to the kids school, and another 15 to get me to work I spend more time in the car than anything. Add trying to renew a Cisco certification for work and there just hasn't been time for much. If I can get the certification out of the way it should free up a lot more of my time and relieve a lot of stress..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Shoot'n and Blogg'n

Since it's probably not in the dictionary, how does one write Blog'n? One G or two? Part of the reason I started this was to make be a better writer but maybe there's little hope for that..

We finally got some range time in and I finally found a few minutes to write. We have so much going on with the family. My wife is taking a new job in North Carolina, my son's going to be life guarding before school and swimming after, and my little one has an afternoon packed with swimming and dance. I'm going to need a couple extra hours a day for all the running To to steal a line from Emily, sleep is for the weak!

I finally got the SR9c out for it's trial run and put 150 or so rounds of Winchester white box through it. It ran flawlessly, as expected, and I've decided that it will be my new carry gun. It's much easier to conceal, lighter, and easier to shoot than my M&P 40 compact. My SR9 is just too big, especially in New York, where your limited to 10 rounds. Half the grip is empty plastic.

My son has decided he wants one too.

We decided to celebrate diversity with the M&P 15 with a Leupold 1.5-5x tactical scope, the Ruger SR9, SR9c and my sons Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt.

Good news!! The S&W bodyguard .380 that I won at the NRA meeting is on it's way. I should have it this week and I'm looking forward to it replacing my Beretta .32 pocket gun. Maybe a little Sunday trial after our club meeting followed by a range report..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Muzzleloading Range Time

I finally got a little range time in, unfortunately not as much as I wanted or needed. I needed to get my muzzleloader sighted in and wanted to get some time with the AR and a couple of pistols. I have some land that needed mowed and since I didn't get out there at all in August the grass (now a field) was pretty high and took more time than I had planned.
I did spend a couple of hours with my CVA Electra muzzleloader though, and although I can't get the sight where I want it, I love this gun. The problem is, it's shooting four inches high from 25 - 100 yards with 300gr bullets, and I'm out of room to adjust it any further. I wanted to scope it anyway so I guess I better start shopping..

The electronic ignition means no messing with percussion caps or 209 primers, just drop the powder, push down the bullet, and your ready to shoot. The bottom line, less stuff to lose in the field, especially when hunting.

Oh, and the trigger is amazing. Since you are not pulling an assortment of mechanical parts inside when pulling the trigger, you basically just have a lever with a smooth straight pull until the electrical contacts touch.

Top left was the first shot a 75 yards. I moved the sight to the right and then down as much as I could and got a really nice group, except the one high and right that I pulled. The one dead center I just aimed four inches low. Nice!

Look here, CVA is giving one away..

Sausage Waffles

While I agree that bacon makes everything better, I believe I have found a way to improve on Breda's bacon waffles.

I bring you the sausage waffle!

Bob Evans bulk hot sausage, crumbled as it is cooked, then dropped into the batter after pouring into the waffle iron. While I loved the bacon waffles, I found that a lot of the bacon goodness was hidden. This may be a result of the Belgium waffle's thickness, as I have a waffle iron that makes those nice restaurant sized waffles.
The stronger flavor of the spicy sausage holds up to the waffle. Top with real maple syrup and you have an incredible flavor.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Quiet Dinner

We finally got a babysitter for the little one and took my 17 year old son out for a nice dinner. He's been a big help watching Elizabeth this summer and he deserved a treat. This great seafood tray is served at 2 Vine in Rochester, NY. I highly recomend it!

Of course, my camera shy wife is ducking out of the way so as not to be in the photo.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mmmmm, Octoberfest Beer!

I have always tended to favor ale's, usually Bass, in the summer heat, but this Spaten Octoberfest may be my new favorite warm weather beer. At least until I start brewing again...

Still Fearing the Bitter Clingers..

A State Department spokesman said the administration's decision was based on concerns that the guns could fall into the wrong hands.

"The transfer of such a large number of weapons -- 87,310 M1 Garands and 770,160 M1 Carbines -- could potentially be exploited by individuals seeking firearms for illicit purposes," the spokesman told

What is wrong with these people? You can purchase a brand new M1 Carbine from Auto Ordinance, so how does stopping the importation of antiques do anything other than hurt the collector. Auto Ordinance even makes an EBR version just to piss off the Brady's. As for the M1, there are a few small shops building them, and you can still find them for sale at gun shows, or you can buy an M1A from Springfield Armory, (M1 The Next Generation) which has an "evil" detachable magazine.
For anyone that says this administration is not anti-gun, you are wrong. They have just failed because the average person in America does not believe that gun control does anything to stop crime. Most understand that it's not about guns, it's about control!
Obama's "gun control"
  1.  "Assault weapons" ban
  2.  Blame American guns for Mexico's drug violence, and ban "assault weapons".
  3.  Can't buy a firearm if your on the terror watch list.
  4.  Lead ammunition ban.
  5.  Stop South Korea from selling M1's.  ??
And in the 2012 election....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh, To Be King!

So the wanna be king of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick says he wishes it wasn't a free country..

Funny how there's no mention of it in the boston herald article on the same subject. Hmmm..., I wonder if there is any bias there.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Four Rules of Gun Safety are Forgotten Again!

It's sad to see how often one of the "professionals" makes gun ownership look bad. Knowing several members of law enforcement and the military, it never ceases to amaze me how little safety training, or reinforcement these folks get.,0,6972637.story

I can not understand why he didn't report the incident. By not calling 911, this dude may have let this woman die.
And this is all because he couldn't remember four rules. If he would have just remembered one, keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, this woman wouldn't be dead.

Here's a reminder boys and girls
Treat every gun as if it's loaded.
Keep it pointed in a safe direction.
Keep your finger off the trigger.
Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

San Francisco Not So Gun Shy After All!

Looks like San Francisco might be afraid of the Second Amendment Foundation...

There's a post linking to the posters at Another Gun Blog Of course it's the work of every gunnies favorite photographer Oleg Volk

When Did Photography Become a Crime?

Last I knew, freedom of the press was still protected. Most of the time it seems like the only liberty the media even cares to protect. I believe photography/videography falls under that protection.

This is an important lesson to remember in this election season. Judges can be more important than legislators when it comes to protecting our liberty. At the end of the day, it is a judge that will interpret the law and the constitution. As a New Yorker, dependant on a judges to "allow" me to own and/or carry a handgun, I know how important picking the right one can be. Hopefully, with the help of the Second Amendment Foundation that will soon change in New York.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workin' the SCOPE Booth

While at a recent gun show in Alexander, we were asked if we could set up our table for SCOPE at an open house for K&K Guns in Varysburg. Varysburg is a smaller spec on the map than Alexander, and we weren't really sure whether anyone would be there, but we will try any venue once.
I have to admit, for a small gun shop they had a pretty good turn out. We signed up a few more members and sold raffle tickets for a safe we are giving away in October. The sniper babes had a table and even posed for a few photo's.
The sad part is my wife doesn't call this work. I just don't understand....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The winnings keep rolling in!

While at the NRA meeting in Charlotte, I won two different raffles/drawings. This Beretta Urika 2 just arrived from a drawing I entered at the Sporting Classics Magazine booth.

It arrived the day after my final league skeet shoot for the season so I'll have to make a "special trip" out to the range to see how it runs. I have a cheap Baikal over/under that I have been using for skeet so this will be a nice change. Who knows, if I can get out for some pheasant, duck or goose hunting this year it may get some real field use as well.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Steal Me?

I was looking for a new vehicle, and the idea of a built in gun safe is a cool idea, but why do I have the feeling that the large "outdoorsman" decal and the wide box over the wheel well might just tell criminals where to acquire a previously enjoyed firearm?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Schneiderman "Protects Us" With Feel Good Crap!

I'm shocked! Senator Schneiderman got the backing of NYAGV for his attempt to violate our rights and make the hopolophobes in New York City feel all warm and fuzzy!
He is praised for keeping the NRA out of the schools. That can only mean that he prevented the Eddie Eagle program from teaching kids that if they see a gun, "stop, don't touch, leave the area and tell an adult!". Wow, it's a good thing kids aren't learning that lesson. It's so much better that the kids learn to join a gang, deal drugs and kill each other for entertainment while the politicians blame guns and the law abiding gun owners for the failure of the Nanny State.

That brings us to microstamping, the idea that your going to engrave a serial number on a firing pin and in the chamber of a handgun (semi-auto only) and a criminal isn't going to file it off, use an older gun, or a revolver is just plain stupid. Then there are the costs, which of course will be the burden of the law abiding, that's if a handgun is even manufactured to comply.
It's good to have Jackie Hilly, the "intelligent" hopolophobe from NYAGV who say towards the end of The Colbert Report, that 9 out of 10 guns used in crime in NY City come from out of State.
Ummm, what am I missing? If 9 out of 10 guns used in crime came from out of state, how can microstamping help fight crime in New York?

Blago Guilty, But Not Guilty Enough!

So another corrupt, arrogant, scumbag politician (former Illinois Governor, Rob Blagojevich) barely gets a slap on the wrist. I really like the statement, some jurors argued the whole alleged scheme, as ugly as it sounded on the secretly recorded FBI tapes, amounted to "just politics". Are we really that far gone?

I'm still waiting for Charlie Wrangle and Maxine Waters to get what's coming to them, but I won't be holding my breath!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Looong week!

So we got back from two weeks in the great white north and now I am playing catch-up. Three busy nights with SCOPE and a fun night at the horse races for my daughters birthday eve. Today it's off to build-a-bear for Elizabeth's 5th birthday! Man, how time passes by.

The work week was crazy and this photo pretty much sums it up!

My daughter decided that it was time to learn to tie shoe laces and I guess mine where as good a place to start as any.. Late to work Thursday.....
Then there was Friday. I got on the NYS Thruway and realized I left my laptop at home. On the Thruway, you have to drive to the next exit 15 miles away, pay the toll, and go back to where you started. When your an IT guy it's hard to say "I guess I just won't use my PC today" :-( Late to work again....
I guess this is why I prefer to work at home..

Monday, August 9, 2010

I really am part redneck!

We shot a 400 bird ATA trap shoot this weekend at the local club and while it was hot, it really wasn't hot enough to look like this. Even though I have crossed the 40 threshold it's still fun to have dad make me wonder what's really in my gene pool...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Working the SCOPE booth at the fair

Trying an iPhone app... Chris & Patty working the SCOPE table at the County Fair. The first night was slow but we still picked up a couple of new members. It was hot in that building. Must have been 95 gore!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wondering if my luck will continue

This is not how I planned on starting my blog but I guess that's the nature of blogging, just writing as it happens. I only started working on the blog a couple of days ago and really wasn't ready to start posting yet, but hey, if there is a contest, I have to enter, right? Especially since I have been very lucky lately. More on that later.

The The Firearm Blog is running a contest for Lucky Gunner just for posting this. The winner receives 1000 rounds of .380. Given that I am expecting a new S&W Bodyguard .380 to arrive any day now I could really use the ammo. Since I found this on Breda's blog and know she has a hard time finding .380 I'll gladly split my winnings :-)