Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Looong week!

So we got back from two weeks in the great white north and now I am playing catch-up. Three busy nights with SCOPE and a fun night at the horse races for my daughters birthday eve. Today it's off to build-a-bear for Elizabeth's 5th birthday! Man, how time passes by.

The work week was crazy and this photo pretty much sums it up!

My daughter decided that it was time to learn to tie shoe laces and I guess mine where as good a place to start as any.. Late to work Thursday.....
Then there was Friday. I got on the NYS Thruway and realized I left my laptop at home. On the Thruway, you have to drive to the next exit 15 miles away, pay the toll, and go back to where you started. When your an IT guy it's hard to say "I guess I just won't use my PC today" :-( Late to work again....
I guess this is why I prefer to work at home..

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