Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Muzzleloading Range Time

I finally got a little range time in, unfortunately not as much as I wanted or needed. I needed to get my muzzleloader sighted in and wanted to get some time with the AR and a couple of pistols. I have some land that needed mowed and since I didn't get out there at all in August the grass (now a field) was pretty high and took more time than I had planned.
I did spend a couple of hours with my CVA Electra muzzleloader though, and although I can't get the sight where I want it, I love this gun. The problem is, it's shooting four inches high from 25 - 100 yards with 300gr bullets, and I'm out of room to adjust it any further. I wanted to scope it anyway so I guess I better start shopping..

The electronic ignition means no messing with percussion caps or 209 primers, just drop the powder, push down the bullet, and your ready to shoot. The bottom line, less stuff to lose in the field, especially when hunting.

Oh, and the trigger is amazing. Since you are not pulling an assortment of mechanical parts inside when pulling the trigger, you basically just have a lever with a smooth straight pull until the electrical contacts touch.

Top left was the first shot a 75 yards. I moved the sight to the right and then down as much as I could and got a really nice group, except the one high and right that I pulled. The one dead center I just aimed four inches low. Nice!

Look here, CVA is giving one away..

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