Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm a Bad Blogger

Funny how life gets in the way of blogging. My wife lost her job do to a buy-out; a competitor purchased the company and all but closed the doors. My son is looking seriously at colleges, and we are all trying to get ready for the snow, I'm not sure why that's always such a choir, but it is..

I am looking forward to the beginning of deer season next Saturday. The area where I own some land is open for rifle this year, and while I was looking forward to taking an AR in a 6.8 or 300 blackout, the financial realities will dictate using the old Winchester 30-30, which will be just fine. I am a big fan of lever guns and for the most part where I hunt, you can't see much past 100 yards less take a shot, so the caliber is just fine.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Minnie's Hit the Streets

So I asked our exchange student what he did while in NYC.

His reply "We shopped and did a little sight seeing, I saw Donald Trump, and that guy that used to play the Hulk on the TV show." "Oh yeah, I saw Minnie Mouse selling drugs too!"

Hey king Bloomberg, Isn't that illegal? Funny, I can't carry down there, but Minnie Mouse is selling drugs on the street corner unobstructed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Castles Are No Big Deal

Lesson learned...
Apparently viewing a castle in Scotland is equivalent to visiting Niagara Falls for a Western New Yorker. Meh!

First Deer

My son got his first deer on Sunday. He's been hunting for a few years, but with swim season and hunting season being at the same time, he doesn't get a lot of time in the field. This was only his third time out with the bow in the three years he has had it, and first time out this year. It's a bit small but those are the best eating..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spreading the Message of Liberty to the UK

My son signed up to be part of a Scottish foreign exchange program, so we have been pretty busy getting ready for our guest ... read ... busy house cleaning! He arrived on Tuesday and since we have little time over the two weeks where something isn't already planned, I asked him what he would like to do or see while he's here. To my amazement he said "I want to go shooting" I figured he's already had conversations about this with my son before he arrived, so I asked what would you like to shoot? He said "everything," and I found myself a very happy host.. Unfortunately, we only had about a two hour window between getting to the range and dark, but we did manage to squeeze in a quick safety lesson, and "how to," I won't call it marksmanship training, followed by two hours of handgun and rifle shooting. Since we only had the short window, I brought as many of the firearms that are banned in the UK as possible. An AR-15, AK47, Hi point 9mm, and a bunch of handguns, 9mm full size down to the pocket sized Ruger LC9, a .40 S&W and a pocket .380. Once it got dark we cleaned up and went to the shotguns and I set him and my son up on the trap field under the lights for a round of trap. He was introduced to a Beretta semi-auto and a Browning over/under both in 12 gauge.

I started him on the pistols at 20 yrds he was on paper pretty quick.

AWB complient AR with no flash suppressor. Cool pic, dumb law!

I told him to try nealing with the AK and he went right into a perfect position.

The boys all coyboy'd up :-) Yes we live in the wrong state, but it's still America!

That boy was having some fun!

He was a pretty good shot for his first time behind a trigger. He did real well with rifle, pistol and shotgun, he even broke about 25% of his trap targets which is darn good for never holding a shotgun before.

The only real issue I had was breaking him of the natural tendency to rest you finger in the trigger guard, or on the trigger when he was not ready to shoot.

We also had many conversations about the 2nd amendment, natural rights, self defense and carrying, which he never seemed to argue against. It makes me wonder what percentage of the UK believes in citizens being armed and able to defend themselves and if there's hope for them in the future. He says he'd like to live here just so he can own a gun.  I guess I've done my part to to sew the seeds of liberty to our young Scottish guest. Hopefully he spreads the message while home.

Friday, October 7, 2011

No Surprise Here

The result of less gun control has been.. Oooops, less crime and murder? Huh?

Nothing to see here mainstream media, carry on... Maybe you can tell us how great BHO's jobs bill is, or how stupid and evil conservatives and Tea Party members are. Or how corporations are greedy and evil; even though government is the cause of most of the corporate problems..

Yes guns are bad ok, carry on...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Bring a Taser to a Gunfight

Hopefully they will remember the image of the store owner drawing his handgun and seriously consider a career change. Yeah, probably not, but one can hope...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Guns Stolen From Dying Robber

In what has to be one of the oddest self defense stories of the year.

A retired police officer shoots someone who is trying to rob him, and somehow gets his handgun taken from him during the shooting. While the aerated criminal is passing on to the next world, an individual who just happens to be passing by, decides to lighten his load and remove two handguns from him while he's laying in the street.

I also find it disgusting that they will give whoever took the guns a pass "if they just turn them in." Meanwhile, the average guy who's exercising his rights, never committed a crime, but doesn't have all the proper paperwork, will have his life turned upside down for carrying or simple possession of a handgun. What's wrong with this picture?

HP Touchpad

I just received the HP TouchPad which I ordered during a recent $99 fire sale. It's not the device I really wanted, iPad, but for the price I think this will do for now. Maybe my blog will be more active with a portable device in tow. We shall see....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Hold-Up

No, not that kind of hold-up. My wife and I, joined by a brother, and my parents, managed to arrive 20 minutes late to my cousins wedding this past Saturday. The most embarrassing thing, was that they actually waited 20 minutes for us to arrive. The minister insisted that the wedding start on time, until he discovered that my mother was not only the brides aunt, but also the god mother. I never knew the title had clout. :-)

Of course the church had to be so small that the bridal party was waiting outside, because that's where they started from. I'm guessing they don't do a lot of winter weddings at this church.

There were some great words of wisdom during the ceremony in which the minister explained that "you must forgive your spouse, because things will happen, like BEING LATE!" As he looked over at us..

Good advice! But he really didn't seem all that forgiving as he threw in another dig about being late in a prayer before dinner.

My wife and I will be driving to the next wedding ALONE!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Glow in the Dark Cats

I'm not a big fan of cats but if I could have one of these, I might have to find a way to own one. I'd at least rent one for Halloween!

And if they can engineer a cat that glows, why haven't they engineered cats and dogs that are hypoallergenic?

Happy Belated Birthday U.S. Constitution

I failed to note the Birthday of our Constitution. You'll have to excuse me, I'm a guy...

Born on September 17, 1787. As of September 2011, still on life support.

Hopefully we can find a cure for lack of knowledge and corruption soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Attended a CCW Talk

A few days ago I attended our SCOPE County chapter meeting where we had a firearms trainer give a talk, he happens to be the same person I took the Utah/Florida class from. From this talk as well as the training I took, I noticed that he seems to have an interesting take on CCW training for the average person, more on that later.

He started out with mindset. You hear many trainers discuss this and he covered the aspects of preparing yourself mentally for a time when you might have to defend yourself; I think almost everyone who carries, has already done this. Then as he discussed the law and moral/ethical considerations, I was actually surprised by the number of odd reactions in the room to some of the things he said. The most interesting was when he said simply just because you can legally shoot someone doesn't mean you should. A lot of folks were of the mindset that if someone is in their house they are going to shoot first and ask questions later, which kinda surprised me, although people say a lot of things that they really don't mean.
The speaker brought up some good points based on some of the "if they're in my house" responses.
  • If you haven't identified your intruder because you can't see in the dark (have a good flashlight), how do you know who it is and what their intentions truly are. This could be an elderly person with dementia; it could be a neighbor trying to get help or even one of your own family members. In many of those cases you would be within the law to shoot, but could you really live with yourself after?
  • Once you shoot, the police are going to go through everything in your house; it's now a crime scene, so you better not have anything that you don't want officer friendly finding.
  • You will end up paying for the damage in your house out of your own pocket. Not just holes in the walls, but consider that the person you shot is most likely going to leak all kinds of nasty stuff (Not just blood) into your carpet and even the floor underneath, and you will need to pay a haz-mat service to deal with that.
  • You will almost definitely be paying for a lawyer, even if no charges are filed; and of course there is a good chance that you will need to defend yourself in civil court.
This was followed up with "this is part of the mental preparation you need if you expect to be truly prepared to defend yourself. None of these things should be entering into your mind during the incident; you should have already worked them out. Also, know where your mental "line in the sand is," and draw it in a reasonable place. His example was his home staircase, if they are downstairs and his family is upstairs then there is no reason to shoot. Defend the line and if they are willing to leave, with or without a handful of stuff, let them.
I guess the only thing in this list that I hadn't really thought about, is the local PD rummaging through our personal stuff. Not that they would find much, but I'm sure they would give it the o'l college try! It is our home and that thought does give me the creeps.

One of the first things that he mentioned that stood out was that he believes that the training world concentrates too much on the sword, and not enough on the shield; the shield being emergency or tactical medicine. You carry a firearm for protection, but there is a very good chance that you or someone you are protecting could be injured during an incident. Regardless of whether you carry or not his view was that you have a moral obligation to have enough training and forethought to render aid if needed. People that are present and should be able to render basic first aid are often not trained, and are more often than not in shock and can't function; again because they haven't come to terms mentally with the possibility of a nasty injury, due to an accident or gunshot and just aren't prepared.

He pointed out an example that made a lot of sense. We are driving along, all prepared, as a responsible citizen should be, we have our firearm, our light, pocket/rescue knife, fire extinguisher and we are wearing our seat belt, we come upon a car accident; are we really prepared to render help until the ambulance arrives?

I believe the reason he gave the talk was to drum up some business for a three day class he's working on which will be composed of one day each, classroom, medicine and range skills. While he is a trained EMT he was actually looking to get some guys who specialize in tactical medicine to give the medical training.

I'd love to take a trauma medicine class but I've never found one locally. If I can find the time I'll give it a whirl. I will also post a schedule when it becomes available.

Gun Free Zones

"The fact that we have gun free zones is unconscionable. Could you imagine driving down the road and entering an area where seatbelts and children’s car seats were banned? That's effectively what we have with a gun free zone."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Poor Response to Sept 11

Out of respect for those that lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001 I thought I would wait to do a post until after the anniversary as this is mostly a political comment. The more I think about what happened and how we have responded, the more disgusted I get. I can accept that we had a group of muslim fundamentalists attack us, and I can accept their stated reasons. What I find ridiculous is our response over the last 10 years.

What should have happened:
  • We should have sent troops to Afghanistan, kicked the crap out of them, killed every leader of Al-Qaeda possible and brought everyone home within a year or two. 
  • Take care of the soldiers who were wounded, and the families of those who were killed. 
  • Assisted those who worked to rescue survivors and those that worked to clean up the twin towers in New York. 
  • Rebuild the original buildings at the World Trade Center location - maybe even taller and add a middle finger on top (Well maybe that's going a little too far). 
  • Require Muslims to be fully documented and cleared before entering this country until the fundamentalist movement has gone away. - If they are here and citizens, that's fine, but don't let anyone in, who is remotely connected to the fundamentalist ideology, for any reason.
  • Secure our borders! Verify that a person entering this country qualifies for Sainthood so we can stop harassing our own citizens.

What Happened:
  • We have fought two endless conflicts and now entered a third, mostly with one hand tied behind our back. 
  • As always seems to always happen, we have wounded soldiers and their families stuck in the bureaucracy and not always getting the help needed.
  • Ignored those that are suffering long term disabilities because of their work at the WTC.
  • Made a joke out of the whole WTC rebuilding process with politics and political correctness ruling the day.
  • Apologized for and accepted muslim fundamentalism as just another peaceful religion while sharia and talk of a caliphate are all around us.
  • Given up our Liberty for the sake of false security via the Patriot Act and the TSA.
  • Ignored our borders, and when manpower is applied, once again their hands are tied behind their backs.
  • Oh yeah, and just to show how screwed up we really are, the conspiracy theorists have run wild.
I guess my view of what should have occurred can be boiled down to this.
You pulled a knife on me, and cut me, so I shot you in self defense. I then patched up my wound and carried on.

In the end, remember the innocent victims of 9/11.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last Nights Debate

Three things that struck me as odd in last night’s debate.

1. Rick Perry kept saying that he had to give illegal’s financial aid so that they could be productive members of Texas rather than end up on the government dole. Ummm - If they are here illegally, why would they be eligible for government assistance? This is the type of circular logic that has got us where we are. If they are here illegally, SEND THEM HOME.

If we believe that we can handle more immigrants then streamline the process and allow them come in legally. Reduce the cost and time to gain legal entry, verify that they are not criminals and are willing to contribute to America, give them a Visa and start the process toward citizenship. It's not that hard.

2. A question was asked from an audience member. "What are the candidates doing to attract Latino voters" Huh? What has happened to us that a Latino voter is different than any other voter? So what are the candidates doing to attract the Mongolian voters? Just curious...

3. The Tea Party Debate on CNN? Is up down and down up? Are cats and dogs living together? I didn't get the memo. I thought the Tea Party was a bunch of racist hate mongering terrorists?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Looks like Florida's stand your ground law works..,0,3261816.story

When I first started reading this, I thought it unusual that there wasn't a trial, but from my perspective, your home, car, boat and RV should all be extentions of your home and on a boat, where would you retreat to anyway.

Then I read this:
Mohlman's blood-alcohol level was at .23 when he died, nearly three times the level at which drivers are presumed legally impaired. Vittum's blood-alcohol level was .11 and the autopsy concluded he had cocaine, oxycodone and marijuana in his system when he was killed.

I'm guessing these were not reasonalble rational individuals.

I've been using the N8squared Tactical (original) holster with my Ruger LC9 since the NRA meeting and I think I've finally had enough time on the hip to properly review it. I mainly purchased it because at the time there really wasn't much available fore the LC9, and it was recommended by a few people as a pretty good holster for a "generic" fit holster.

Design - The original holster is suede and leather with a piece of neoprene sewn in between. The suede is  very comfortable up against the skin and the neoprene keeps sweat from getting to the gun. This offers a great advantage for someone like myself who usually wears a tee or polo shirt with no tee shirt beneath.

Comfort - This is the first holster I have found that allows me to carry IWB without adding another layer of shirt, something I am not really eager to do in the hot summer months. The suede is the only thing that touches your skin, whereas every other IWB holster I have tried, either rough leather or part of the gun is touching skin.

Usabilty - The holster has a single metal clip and is pretty easy to get on and off, it moves very little and what little movement there is I blame on the lack of a good belt. I'm using a regular one inch dress belt, although I have finally ordered myself a good belt from Michael's Custom Holsters. The only real complaints I have with the holster is its generic gun fit, and it could be a little smaller for the gun that I'm using, of course those negatives go hand-in-hand with a gereric holster. One complaint I had initially, was that you couldn't easily reholster without removing the holster because the material would collaps back in on itself. This problem seems to have gone away with time as the holster seems to mold itself to your firearm the longer it is used.

One additional note is that the Nate's are now making a custom "plastic" holster with the same backing, although the number of guns supported at this point is still pretty small.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Reality From a Married Man's Point of View

Wife - Did you decide what we are doing for dinner?

Me - I'm just the man of the house. I don't make decisions, I just sit quietly and hope your in the mood later. :-)

That's why I love my wife. Even after almost 20 years, she still found a reply like that funny.

- Dave

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New York State Fair

We spent the weekend before the Labor Day weekend at the New York State fair with the kids and my parents. We saw two great concerts while there, Three Dog Night and Trace Adkins , and yes, this pretty much reflects the diversity of my taste in music; I pretty much like everything, especially if it's live.

I made a humorous observation. In a state that has pretty much stomped on all of our liberty, I found it funny that within the fairgrounds you can walk around with a beer or wine, smoke, and even carry, if your lucky enough to have been issued a permit in a freedom friendly County. It just seems a bit odd for a state that has a ban on smoking pretty much anywhere, open container laws, a DWI limit of .08, and some of the most restrictive handgun controls in the nation. I'm not complaining though, at least about the fairgrounds...

I've had way too many of these discussions.

It's funny and sad at the same time..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crime is on the Rise in NYC

Hmmm. Could it be because no one can carry arms in their defense, heck you have to be really careful about carrying a pocket knife. :-(

So far I have kept my promise of not spending any money in that city until Bloomberg is gone.

Criminal Justice Gone Wrong

Really? This PoS MIGHT stay in prison for four whole years?

Niagara County Judge Sara Sperrazza gave Bolvin the maximum -- one-and-a-third to four years in state prison -- and awarded a full order of protection to the family.

What am I missing that this was the maximum sentence that she could assign. I thinks people like this were the exact reason that the gallows were invented. Just sayin'

Oh and then I see this.

These folks get 12 years for being stupid. I'm confused..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where Has the Summer Gone?

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything. Somehow I lost the month of August, the kids start school in a few weeks, the nights are finally cooling off and geese are actually flying south. Fall is almost here. Of course in Western New York summer is two months long at best.

We had the annual family vacation in North Bay, Ontario during the first week of August, my wife's family has been going there since the 30s. It was hot, but at least we didn't have the humidity we've had here at home.

The youngest learning to drive the rental boat..

The oldest trying to ski. He did get up, but being the kinda guy I am, I'd rather post the picture of him falling, :-) especially since I've only ever tried once and did not do well.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Old Friends

As is usually the case death has come in three's. We lost two old friends and one of my former co-workers this month. My former co-worker, Brian, was the same age as me, and while reading about someone your age in the paper passing is always sad, when you knew the person it really makes you wonder how long you have left. It seems a bit selfish but that is what lingers in the mind. I remember when forty seemed old, now it just feels it!

The second friend, Marry Ann, was in her 70's and I never knew it. She seemed like someone in her 50's at best. In fact it was probably a year and half since I last saw her and she was still taking care of her horses and doing more physical labor than I can do today. Since we hunted on her property on and off since I began hunting, Mary Ann, like my Grandfather, will always be remembered during the season.

Last but not least is the man my wife referred to as Uncle Bobby. A friend of my wife's family, I believe since her mom was in school. It is a rare thing to have a set of friends who are there for your entire lifetime but my in laws did. Bob's whole family has been part of our lives since the day I met my wife. He will be greatly missed as we go on our family trip to Canada next week, but I'm sure he will be with us in spirit.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Independence is Declared

"The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever."
--John Adams letter to his wife, Abigail, on July 3, 1776.

The vote for independence by the second Continental Congress occurred on July 2nd, and the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th. While John Adams is not my favorite founder, and he was off by a couple days, I do love this quote.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trying to Squeeze in a Vacation

I have never understood why my vacations take more work, and cause more stress, than I ever get back in a "rest and relaxation return on my investment." I can report though, that while RV ownership is not quite as bad as boat ownership, it seems to be a close second. I have spent almost every free hour in the last week preparing to go "camping" less than an hour from home. That just doesn't seem right.

I am happy to report though that I have many snacks and fermented beverages aboard and I am ready to chillax! At least as much as possible when camping with a little one..

I must also report that the strawberry rhubarb martini was awesome! I forgot to add sugar and I don't believe with the addition of the strawberries it was needed. I added equal parts of both strawberry and rhubarb. Thanks again to North for the idea.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Favorite Martini

Last week North had a blog which included a recipe for a rhubarb martini. I have always loved rhubarb, so much so, that as a child I would eat it raw whenever I could get my hands on some. I tried the recipe as published and it was perfect. While finishing off the last batch my wife suggested that we add strawberry to the mix, so I stopped by the farmers market for some fresh strawberries and tonight I'll be cookin' up a batch of strawberry rhubarb syrup.

Move over lemon and pomegranate!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


While in Pittsburgh, at the SAF Blog meet hosted by Breda, I met Miko Tempski, Director of Legal Affairs for the Second Amendment Foundation. He asked if SCOPE would be interested in joining an Amicus Brief he was putting together. I of course told him yes and here is the result of all their hard work.

The SAF Press Release


All the Briefs are filed here

And an article I put together for the SCOPE newsletter..

SCOPE Joins SAF Amicus Curiae Brief

On June 13, 2011 SCOPE joined 17 other organizations in signing an Amicus Curiae brief in Peterson v. Garcia, et al., now before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. This brief, filed by the Second Amendment Foundation, supports the plaintiff Gray Peterson, a Resident of the state of Washington, who cannot exercise his right to bear arms in Colorado. Colorado will not issue a permit to non-residents, and does not recognize his Washington or Florida non-resident permits. Colorado does allow open carry but it is prohibited in the city of Denver This leaves no carry option for Mr. Peterson while in Denver, thereby violating his constitutional right to carry a firearm for his protection.

You may wonder how this affects members of SCOPE and why we are involved. If won, this case will allow some form of carry for non-residents while in Colorado, including New York residents. This could result in the nullification of open carry bans, create national reciprocity of carry permits, or may just require all states to issue permits to residents and non-residents alike. Of course none of this is going to happen overnight but it will be another brick in the foundation that is needed to restore our rights.

The Supreme Court, in Heller and McDonald, recognized that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right. While the text of the Second Amendment contains “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” and the court did go into what that may mean, the question before the court was, “can you ban the ownership and possession of handguns in the home for personal defense?” As most of us know, the courts answer was “No you may not ban handguns in the home!” Peterson v. Garcia could be the case that makes it to the Supreme Court and asks the question, “Can you ban the carrying of arms?” If it does go to the Supreme Court, let’s hope that they are wise enough to answer the question correctly. “No you may not ban the carrying of arms!”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plaxico Burress Gone Brady

"Plaxico Burress is now an anti-gun violence kind of guy"
No, if your with the Brady Bunch you are an ANTI GUN Kind of Guy!

I'm sure he will be speaking to many inner city kids with a gang banger culture, and maybe he can do some good, but I sure wish he would have chosen better company. I'm pretty sure that his message won't contain any messages about the benefits of lawful firearms ownership and carry.

I do hope he's at least learned enough to share the virtues of carrying properly.


Felony Charges .... Really?

So now you can be charged with a felony for, well, dressing in a hooded sweatshirt like a teenager wearing latex gloves? Huh??
There was absolutely no crime committed by this "kid". There was no criminal intent, and the only thing that might be some technical violation of law, was entering the girls bathroom. Even that is most likely not illegal if he knocked to verify it was empty before entering..

I have got to stop reading these stories before my blood pressure goes completely off the charts..

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Rules for FBI

So the FBI is going to be operating under new rules. They will be able to go on fishing expeditions, no justification needed, to search through various databases just to see what comes up. Maybe you're some crazy conservative or libertarian who isn't happy with a government that doesn't obey it's own constitution, less it's own laws. OMG he owns a gun too! He must be part of a small cell, or maybe a lone wolf! Better send SWAT! We know we can't just knock on the door to talk to him, he might not hear us ... and not answer. Too sarcastic?

Tweaks eh?
"I would call these minor tweaks based on feedback from agents in the field who began operating under the original DIOG, which was new a couple of years ago. Not sweeping new powers," the FBI said in a statement to Fox News.

Yes minor tweaks are how we have been losing the Republic for a hundred years. What's one more? :-(

There was also one little item that seemed to be missing from the Fox news story that was reported in Newsmax.

One change will tighten the FBI’s rules. The decision to approve sending an informant to a religious service now will have to be authorized by a special agent in the field, rather than be delegated down the chain of command.

Isn't it funny how all of these encroachments on our liberty are done in the name of security and yet they always miss the mark almost purposefully. Our enemy's are mulsim extremists, and the one "tightening of the rules" we get, is the inability to send an agent to a religious service without a special agents authorization. Not give lie detectors, search databases at random, or even administer lie detectors to American Citizens, but the ability to ATTEND a religious service.
Makes you wonder if the muslim brotherhood was involved in these decisions..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

GM CEO Wants a $1/Gallon Tax Increase

I'm just thinking, if you want to see the next Boston Tea Gas Party, just let GM CEO Dan Akerson get his way. Add a $1/gallon tax on gasoline and I think you might just see a flaming party..

I refuse to buy another GM product because of the Government Motors takeover, but this is just icing on the cake!

Friday, June 10, 2011


In a free country, this is how a stalker would become an ex-stalker

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out of Control Cops/Government

It seems like there has been a never ending flow of stories like this lately. Once again a violent home invasion by ninjas police wanna-be special forces, into a home to serve a warrant, to a non-violent individual.
This crap must stop. This could have very well ended up with someone in that house being shot because they were holding something which the ninja thought was a gun. Maybe a child with a banana?

I don't even know what to tell my little one about police anymore. It's getting to the point where I want to say avoid them at all times. That's sad.

Laura has the story..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My wife brought me home a Sake set on her last trip to N.C.

From what I have been able to find the cups are called choko and the ceramic flask is known as a tokkuri. Since I have drank my share, and maybe a few others shares of Sake from these, I thought I should find out what they are actually called. I've always preferred the warmed Sake, although I have found a few varieties that are very good cold.
My understanding is that lower grade Sake is usually warmed, and better grades are enjoyed cold, so I guess that makes me the Richard's Wild Irish Rose drinking equivelent of the Sake world..

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Sunday

The kids jumped on the tramploline while I mowed the county land..

Then I "cleaned" the garage while my little one caught imaginary fish..

I guess it's good to be young. It was nice to see the fishing net get some use though..

Why Won't She Just Go Away?

Yep! It's still GW's fault, and since Pelosi's not in charge anymore the gov't can't create any new jobs.. :-(

Government does not create wealth and should not create jobs for the sake of jobs. I know how to kick-start the economy. Lets cut income tax by 50%, dissolve pretty much any government organization that begins with the Department of, including the ATF. On the state and local end cut the bureaucracies, and start with the school systems so that property taxes can be lowered.

Government does not create employment or wealth..

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Invasion - Lessons To Be Learned

This home invasion happened last week and one of the Buffalo TV stations reports "A Chautauqua County man took matters into his own hands when a gunman entered his home." Wow! Really? I feel like I should channel Alan Korwin. What they should have said is "Homeowner/First Responder defends himself, his wife and his home, shoots at intruder."

The post-jouurnal report is much better.

I'm not sure how much more the homeowner could have done to prevent this without just ignoring the door and keeping an eye on what the scumbags were doing. For the most part, people do still answer the door when someone knocks in this area of the state. Too Mayberry-ish? Maybe. I don't know how paranoid I want to seem, but I would like to think something could be learned from this. At least something better than don't open the door for strangers.
I am very curious what the homeowner was carrying for ammo? Glaser Safety Slugs or a Judge with .410 shot. Whatever it was, it seemed to be a very bad choice. Had they been the hopped up on something that took away their "survival instinct" to run away from gunfire, the outcome could have been very  different.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Thought

With Memorial Day upon us, I would like to go beyond the usual, “thank you to those that fought and died for this nation.” I would suggest that you consider what they fought for, and aid in the continuing struggle to preserve liberty, so that their loss was not in vein.

American soldiers have fought to defend our way of life. They have fought to preserve the Republic, which consists of a federal government whose power is supposed to be restrained by constitutional limits, and to preserve our individual liberty, which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

If American soldiers did not fight and die for these ideals then what did they fight for? If we give up what it means to be Americans, then we become like every other socialist nation in the world. I don’t believe that our soldiers went off to war just so that our nation could be the biggest bully in the school yard. I believe that they fought for the American ideals. The belief that the individual is sovereign, that we are free to speak our minds, practice the religion of our choice, be secure in our homes, bear arms in our defense and not have the fruits of our labor stolen at every opportunity, only to be handed out in exchange for votes.
Our constitution has been under continuous assault since our nation’s birth, and the powers of the federal government have expanded way beyond any authority granted in the constitution. I would suggest that this Memorial Day you make a commitment to assist, not only in the preservation, but the restoration of our rights. I know how precious free time is, but I can’t think of a better way to honor those who have died for this nation than to restore the liberty that they fought and died for. Join the organizations fighting for freedom, volunteer time, and if you can, send money. Most importantly when it comes time for an election, vote for the candidates that support individual liberty, not the ones promising the most government programs and handouts.

This year, honor the men and women who gave everything, by supporting freedom. Read and understand the constitution and its amendments. Understand that those documents define what the government can and cannot do. Urge your representatives to pass freedom friendly legislation and repeal oppressive laws, and if they don’t, do your best to get them unelected. Honor those that gave everything on the battlefield to protect your liberty, by protecting your own liberty through the political process.

On this Memorial Day, remember those that have served and continue to serve our nation. Make a commitment to protect the liberty that they have given, and continue to give everything for.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun Guns

Things I found at the NRA show that if I happen to ever have some spare fun money, I may have to pick up...

Stoeger Tactical Coach Gun
I'm not sure why but it sure would be fun just to take it to a cowboy action match with a light, laser and red dot attached. I guess I'd just like to see how many dirty looks I got... :-)

Little baby browning
Just because it's cute!

Chiappa Rhino 2"
It's fugly in a neat sort of way and I like guns on the smaller side which is why I would select the short barrel.

What does it mean when a guy likes small guns with short barrels?

Size Doesn't Matter Concealment Does

I have been trying to catch up since the NRA but with my son finishing tennis season and having matches from Buffalo through the entire finger lakes area it's been difficult.

While trying to catch up on my Blog reading, I happened across Caleb's latest opinion on the small 9mm handguns.I still don't understand why they are being called pocket 9's...

 I had to comment:

Your right! I don’t “need” one, but I wanted one. I have the SR9c, the LC9 and S&W BG .380. I am still testing the LC9, but I like the way it carry's and it is far easier to get accurate hits than the pocket .380 or even my M&Pc in .40.

Yes the trigger is not as nice as the SR9c (Again still better than the .380) but the LC9 is just a nice small gun and conceals a little better than the SR9c. I’m not sure what people are wearing that they can call these 9’s pocket pistols, but I don’t own any pants that would hold them in a pocket anyway. I’d certainly never get it out in a hurry.

When you’re in gun-unfriendly NY, you don’t want to risk printing. The smallest gun that makes the biggest holes that you can control is often the best choice when out in public.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Patriot Ghost

My son took this really cool picture while at the NRA celebration event.

It inspires the image of a ghost of a revolutionary soldier appearing in the crowd. Maybe it's just me...

May the spirit of liberty always be present!

Guns Save Lives

We happened to see the SAF Guns save Lives truck while at the NRA meeting.
This truck is the Second Amendment Foundations answer to the Bloomberg Mayors Against Guns truck and they could use our support.

Breaking News Regarding the Bin Laden Mission

For all you trekkies. The Germans are secretely reporting that the Maquis took a break from their raids on Cardassian outposts and ships, to take out Osama Bin Laden. I hope they used one of those really cool, and most painfull, Klingon disruptors. Qapla'!!

I guess this explains why the existence of Seal Team VI has been denied for so long. The government would have to admit that their knowledge of extraterestrials.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2A Childrens Book

Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to the author but there was a woman at the the NRA exhibits who was handing out a childrens book about Bears and the right to Keep and Bear Arms. They were free, she was trying to get NRA members to read it and offer opinions.

I finally read through it for the first time and it seemed to hold my daughters attention very well. There were a couple of large words and concepts for a 5 year old that I needed to explain, but I think we made it with some understanding of the subject. I am going to reserve a complete review of the book until after I have been able to read the book in one sitting and while not sleep deprived. More to follow....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NRA AM Update

I'm home from the NRA AM and saw my wife for about 20 minutes before she headed out of town. Out of curiosity, what happened to flying cars and transporters? This is the 21st century.

I'd like to the thank Alan Gottlieb from the Second Amendment Foundation and Breda for hosting a Saturday night reception for bloggers. It was nice to get a summary of what's going on in the area of 2A litigation and also to meet so many of the bloggers who I read fairly regularly. I really wish I would have gotten more time to chat, but I had family that I had sent to the Saturday night NRA event and had to take them back to the camp.

I still haven't had time to get all the pictures off the camera and I have a couple of new holsters I am trying out and will report on as soon as I've given them a good workout.

Updates to the blogroll coming soon.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

NRA meeting - Day Two

About to begin day two in Pittsburgh. I met a lot of great people and played with some cool hardware. Still trying to get over to the Ruger booth to see their new 1911..

- Dave

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mexico Wants to Sue U.S. Companies?

Mexico wants to sue American gun companies. What person in their right mind believes it is ok to sue a company for making a legal product that is sold legally in its country of origin?

Oh yeah, his majesty, King Daley!

If Mexico is really looking for someone to sue they should start with the Obama administration and BATFE since they knowingly let guns go into Mexico.

My opinion is if this goes forward we should sue Mexico.

We can start with their failure to keep their citizens on their side of the border. We can sue for the cost to protect our border, deportation and detention of illegal’s, the cost to the healthcare and education systems and the cost of incarcerating the criminals within their ranks. We could also take into account the loss of tax revenue from the illegal’s working under the table.

Then there are the drugs that Mexico is allowing to flow into America. What costs are associated with the crime, healthcare, welfare and rehabilitation of addicts because Mexico has allowed the flow into our nation of an illegal product? This is a product that is illegal on both sides of the border my friends. Of course if they could get their drug cartels reigned in they wouldn’t have an illegal gun problem either.

Do you really want to go there Mexico?

From a U.S. perspective I personally don’t understand why the border states haven’t just called up the National Guard and had them start patrolling the border. What am I missing?

To the Mexican citizens, maybe it’s time you demand your natural right to self defense through firearms ownership and the ability to carry. I believe the violence would lessen. After all, the guns for hire will not be so inclined to partake in committing violence when there is a pretty good chance that you can defend yourself. They do not fight for a cause, only money. It’s much easier to be a bully when you are picking on a bunch of sheep.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's Up with the Crappy Beer

You would think someone with the money and taste to build a house like this could choose better beer than Bud Light and Michelob Ultra.

I've been told I'm a wine snob, maybe I'm just a beer snob too.

- Dave

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Guy Wins Again!

Looks like all turned out well!

The man and two women he lives with (Not sure whether to be jealous or sympathetic) are all ok and the family dog recovering.

One bad guy permanently retired, one on injured reserve, and a third taking a taxpayer funded holiday. With any luck the two remaining convicts will reconsider their career choices. If not I think two more home burglaries like this should solve the problem..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Budget Woes

As I understand it, we have a three trillion dollar budget with a one trillion dollar deficit,.
I know I'm a little slow but I think that means we spend a trillion more than we bring in.

The government is about to shut down because the democrats want to cut $33 billion and the republicans want to cut $61 billion.

Are they all really that stupid?

- Dave

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Range Time

We finally made it to the range two weekends in a row. My son turned 18 in February and of course he had to purchase a gun, just because he could. He didn't have much money so he bought a Hi-Point rifle. He already has a couple of shotguns and a .22 so he thought 9mm would be a nice change. It took this long to find a weekend where there wasn't a foot of snow on the range and of course it's back, we got four inches this week. :-(
I was impressed for such a cheap piece of hardware, it shot flawlessly. It is crudely manufactured but hey, you can always sand off the rough edges. The point is, it goes bang and does it pretty accurately which I guess is all you really need in a firearm.

While at home unloading the car I got my annual bombing from above. Yes, a robin perched in a tree above my car made sure that when he took a crap he did it right over me and hit my arm. The accuracy of the robin must not be that good because Seagulls always manage to hit me square in the head. I'm not sure what I've done to the bird population in general but they sure have it out for me. It seems like every year I get crapped on but it came early this year. I sure hope it's not a sign of things to come..

Chuck Schumer Says Whaaaaat?

New York Senator Schumer is talking out of both sides of his butt again! Yes I'm trying to keep it PG.. Everyone who pays attention to anything knows that Chucky doesn't think anyone should own or carry a firearm but himself, which is why he supports gun bans.

Now he's pretending to support moving Bushmaster manufacturing to the Remington plant in New York. Why they want to do any business in a state with our taxes, and with the majority of politicians hostile to their products is beyond me, but I will leave that discussion for another day.

Funny how he doesn't mention that without civilian sales they would most likely not even be in the AR15 business..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Breaking Down The Doors?

WTF? Why don't they just knock? Not to minmize the seriousness of the crime but it's not like they are raiding some gang bangers house. Too many Innocent people and even more family pets get killed in these dynamic entries for stupid crap.

Here's an idea. Watch the house and when the perv comes home during the afternoon or evening, arrest him at his door. You could probably take his keys and gain entry using the doorknob. Wrong house? No one gets shot, and the door is still attached at the hinges.

I guess they wouldn't get to have all that fun busting doors and threatening unarmed people with their rifles then.. Just sayin' !

Just Go Away!

The king, umm I mean mayor, of NYC just can't mind his own business. I guess he's taking a little time off from his assault on our civil rights around the country to pick on a city closer to home.

I personally refuse to visit or spend a dime in that rat hole until that piece of crap is gone!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Five year old bathed, Dad sufficiently beaten in Wii golf and Bowling, time for dad to relax and have a glass of wine with Mom.

Ash Wednesday Ash

Im sitting at work and I hear all this laughing. A team lead walked over to one of the voice engineers and wiped her forehead saying "you have toner on your forehead".
It brought back memories of me doing the same thing to a manager about 12 years ago. I felt like an idiot, especially since I was baptized catholic, but it was funny.

That's how the thought process works when you work at a company that manufactures printers/copiers!

- Dave

Friday, March 4, 2011

What's New?

I guess many things have changed since my last post. The Middle East and Wisconsin are on fire and we may finally be thawing out in Western New York.
I went through my safe the other day and found I had three shotguns I haven't shot yet.. I sure am looking forward to some range time.. I'm hoping to shoot an IDPA match this spring. I don't plan to get serious about competing but thought it would be good practice for CC.
I finally received my new Alessi holster for my SR9c and now I need to figure out how to break it in. The pistol goes in nice, but pulling it out is difficult. It looks like the slide serrations are griping the leather and filing it on the draw. I guess a few hundred draws should do the trick if I ever find the time...
I guess I better get back to work!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interesting Read

I found a very interesting piece of work posted by Dave Workman  from the Congressional Research Service titled, Gun Control Legislation. It describes what congress could try to enact in the way of "gun control". Unfortunately there was nothing in there about achieving better trigger control or sight alignment. It did have a nice recap of recent history and current regulations though, it's definitely worth a read if your involved in the rights movement.

I really do need to get better at making regular entries and hopefully things will slow down some and I will post more often.

Monday, January 17, 2011

On The Bright Side

I've determined that while I may be a procrastinator, I am not as bad as those two flocks of geese I observed flying south yesterday.
It is the middle of January in Western NY, it's a little late to bother now! Isn't it?

Who Elected This Again?

If you follow Schumers wish to it's logical conclusion, I'm not sure how far we would have to go back to have had an "eligible" president. After all, if you have used drugs, I don't see how you can be in control of all of the weapons within the US military..
Old Man Bush, Maybe??

Friday, January 14, 2011

They're At It Again

Never letting a good crisis go to waste, the anti's are out there trying to get something passed, anything. In this article they are actually saying that the lunatic in AZ would have been less dangerous with a 15 round magazine rather than a 33 round magazine. Really? Maybe if he had standard magazines with him he would not have fumbled the reload and things could have been much worse..

And in this piece of genius they are actually calling for police to boycott Glock if Glock doesn't stop selling 30+ round magazines to civilians, which by the way, last time I checked police were civilians. So no magazines for you either.. They call the Glock handgun a tool for killing people not for hunting. No shit! When I carry a handgun, unless I'm in bear country it's to defend myself against two legged critters not four! Oh, and do you really want me carrying my .44 magnum (hunting handgun) within the city limits rather than my 9mm?

The amazing thing in all of this (other than the left blaming Sarah Palin & the TEA Parties) was to watch how long it took the anti gun groups to send out emails saying we needed stronger background checks and must close the gunshow loophole. Gunshow? Where did that come from? I thought this lune got his handgun from a retail store. Oh yeah it's already in the talking points list so you have to through it out there. Being in New York, I'm actually surprised that they didn't mention microstamping as the solution.

NYAGV actually titled their email on Monday "For The Sake of Our Children". For the sake of my children I will continue to fight to make sure that they have the right to carry a firearm for their own defence!

It's sad when a lunatic does something like this, my heart goes out to everyone involved, but it's even more sad when the result is a loss of liberty that many more died for in the creation, and later the defence of this republic. Lets not allow any tragedy to be overshadowed by an even worse one, the loss of liberty!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Have a Win

We finally got some good news in New York, we won the case in Chwick v Mulvey.
Nassau County baned guns that were "deceptively colored". The State Supreme Court determined that the law was preempted by state law and therefore was nullified. In New York we have something called the doctrine of conflict preemption. This is a creation of the courts to allow state law to trump local laws if it looks to the court like the state intended to have power over that area or subject.

Yes, this can be as clear as mud. Welcome to New York!

The whole decision can be read here.