Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mexico Wants to Sue U.S. Companies?

Mexico wants to sue American gun companies. What person in their right mind believes it is ok to sue a company for making a legal product that is sold legally in its country of origin?

Oh yeah, his majesty, King Daley!

If Mexico is really looking for someone to sue they should start with the Obama administration and BATFE since they knowingly let guns go into Mexico.

My opinion is if this goes forward we should sue Mexico.

We can start with their failure to keep their citizens on their side of the border. We can sue for the cost to protect our border, deportation and detention of illegal’s, the cost to the healthcare and education systems and the cost of incarcerating the criminals within their ranks. We could also take into account the loss of tax revenue from the illegal’s working under the table.

Then there are the drugs that Mexico is allowing to flow into America. What costs are associated with the crime, healthcare, welfare and rehabilitation of addicts because Mexico has allowed the flow into our nation of an illegal product? This is a product that is illegal on both sides of the border my friends. Of course if they could get their drug cartels reigned in they wouldn’t have an illegal gun problem either.

Do you really want to go there Mexico?

From a U.S. perspective I personally don’t understand why the border states haven’t just called up the National Guard and had them start patrolling the border. What am I missing?

To the Mexican citizens, maybe it’s time you demand your natural right to self defense through firearms ownership and the ability to carry. I believe the violence would lessen. After all, the guns for hire will not be so inclined to partake in committing violence when there is a pretty good chance that you can defend yourself. They do not fight for a cause, only money. It’s much easier to be a bully when you are picking on a bunch of sheep.

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