Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Thought

With Memorial Day upon us, I would like to go beyond the usual, “thank you to those that fought and died for this nation.” I would suggest that you consider what they fought for, and aid in the continuing struggle to preserve liberty, so that their loss was not in vein.

American soldiers have fought to defend our way of life. They have fought to preserve the Republic, which consists of a federal government whose power is supposed to be restrained by constitutional limits, and to preserve our individual liberty, which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

If American soldiers did not fight and die for these ideals then what did they fight for? If we give up what it means to be Americans, then we become like every other socialist nation in the world. I don’t believe that our soldiers went off to war just so that our nation could be the biggest bully in the school yard. I believe that they fought for the American ideals. The belief that the individual is sovereign, that we are free to speak our minds, practice the religion of our choice, be secure in our homes, bear arms in our defense and not have the fruits of our labor stolen at every opportunity, only to be handed out in exchange for votes.
Our constitution has been under continuous assault since our nation’s birth, and the powers of the federal government have expanded way beyond any authority granted in the constitution. I would suggest that this Memorial Day you make a commitment to assist, not only in the preservation, but the restoration of our rights. I know how precious free time is, but I can’t think of a better way to honor those who have died for this nation than to restore the liberty that they fought and died for. Join the organizations fighting for freedom, volunteer time, and if you can, send money. Most importantly when it comes time for an election, vote for the candidates that support individual liberty, not the ones promising the most government programs and handouts.

This year, honor the men and women who gave everything, by supporting freedom. Read and understand the constitution and its amendments. Understand that those documents define what the government can and cannot do. Urge your representatives to pass freedom friendly legislation and repeal oppressive laws, and if they don’t, do your best to get them unelected. Honor those that gave everything on the battlefield to protect your liberty, by protecting your own liberty through the political process.

On this Memorial Day, remember those that have served and continue to serve our nation. Make a commitment to protect the liberty that they have given, and continue to give everything for.

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