Thursday, May 19, 2011

Size Doesn't Matter Concealment Does

I have been trying to catch up since the NRA but with my son finishing tennis season and having matches from Buffalo through the entire finger lakes area it's been difficult.

While trying to catch up on my Blog reading, I happened across Caleb's latest opinion on the small 9mm handguns.I still don't understand why they are being called pocket 9's...

 I had to comment:

Your right! I don’t “need” one, but I wanted one. I have the SR9c, the LC9 and S&W BG .380. I am still testing the LC9, but I like the way it carry's and it is far easier to get accurate hits than the pocket .380 or even my M&Pc in .40.

Yes the trigger is not as nice as the SR9c (Again still better than the .380) but the LC9 is just a nice small gun and conceals a little better than the SR9c. I’m not sure what people are wearing that they can call these 9’s pocket pistols, but I don’t own any pants that would hold them in a pocket anyway. I’d certainly never get it out in a hurry.

When you’re in gun-unfriendly NY, you don’t want to risk printing. The smallest gun that makes the biggest holes that you can control is often the best choice when out in public.

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