Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Invasion - Lessons To Be Learned

This home invasion happened last week and one of the Buffalo TV stations reports "A Chautauqua County man took matters into his own hands when a gunman entered his home." Wow! Really? I feel like I should channel Alan Korwin. What they should have said is "Homeowner/First Responder defends himself, his wife and his home, shoots at intruder."

The post-jouurnal report is much better.

I'm not sure how much more the homeowner could have done to prevent this without just ignoring the door and keeping an eye on what the scumbags were doing. For the most part, people do still answer the door when someone knocks in this area of the state. Too Mayberry-ish? Maybe. I don't know how paranoid I want to seem, but I would like to think something could be learned from this. At least something better than don't open the door for strangers.
I am very curious what the homeowner was carrying for ammo? Glaser Safety Slugs or a Judge with .410 shot. Whatever it was, it seemed to be a very bad choice. Had they been the hopped up on something that took away their "survival instinct" to run away from gunfire, the outcome could have been very  different.

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