Monday, June 13, 2011

New Rules for FBI

So the FBI is going to be operating under new rules. They will be able to go on fishing expeditions, no justification needed, to search through various databases just to see what comes up. Maybe you're some crazy conservative or libertarian who isn't happy with a government that doesn't obey it's own constitution, less it's own laws. OMG he owns a gun too! He must be part of a small cell, or maybe a lone wolf! Better send SWAT! We know we can't just knock on the door to talk to him, he might not hear us ... and not answer. Too sarcastic?

Tweaks eh?
"I would call these minor tweaks based on feedback from agents in the field who began operating under the original DIOG, which was new a couple of years ago. Not sweeping new powers," the FBI said in a statement to Fox News.

Yes minor tweaks are how we have been losing the Republic for a hundred years. What's one more? :-(

There was also one little item that seemed to be missing from the Fox news story that was reported in Newsmax.

One change will tighten the FBI’s rules. The decision to approve sending an informant to a religious service now will have to be authorized by a special agent in the field, rather than be delegated down the chain of command.

Isn't it funny how all of these encroachments on our liberty are done in the name of security and yet they always miss the mark almost purposefully. Our enemy's are mulsim extremists, and the one "tightening of the rules" we get, is the inability to send an agent to a religious service without a special agents authorization. Not give lie detectors, search databases at random, or even administer lie detectors to American Citizens, but the ability to ATTEND a religious service.
Makes you wonder if the muslim brotherhood was involved in these decisions..

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