Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out of Control Cops/Government

It seems like there has been a never ending flow of stories like this lately. Once again a violent home invasion by ninjas police wanna-be special forces, into a home to serve a warrant, to a non-violent individual.
This crap must stop. This could have very well ended up with someone in that house being shot because they were holding something which the ninja thought was a gun. Maybe a child with a banana?

I don't even know what to tell my little one about police anymore. It's getting to the point where I want to say avoid them at all times. That's sad.

Laura has the story..


  1. I wrote of similar stuff, yesterday! Keep reading and writing!
    And, watch your back.

  2. It's absolutely disgusting. I can't imagine a world where the Department of Education would have a SWAT team...yet I'm living in it.

    It blows my mind, it does...

  3. Last year the Dept. of Ed. put out a “request for bid” for Remington short barreled shotguns. I asked my congressmen about it, but he was clueless. Turns out he was busy sending shirtless photos to his girlfriend :-( so I guess I know why I didn’t get an answer. Every Dept seems to have an “enforcement” division. It's out of control!

    I hadn't come across your blog before. I've added you to my list.