Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trying to Squeeze in a Vacation

I have never understood why my vacations take more work, and cause more stress, than I ever get back in a "rest and relaxation return on my investment." I can report though, that while RV ownership is not quite as bad as boat ownership, it seems to be a close second. I have spent almost every free hour in the last week preparing to go "camping" less than an hour from home. That just doesn't seem right.

I am happy to report though that I have many snacks and fermented beverages aboard and I am ready to chillax! At least as much as possible when camping with a little one..

I must also report that the strawberry rhubarb martini was awesome! I forgot to add sugar and I don't believe with the addition of the strawberries it was needed. I added equal parts of both strawberry and rhubarb. Thanks again to North for the idea.


  1. I usually feel that way after one of those vacations where we run around constantly. Last weekend, though? We had a minivacation that really was quite relaxing. Planning to do nothing is always good.

    If I may ask, what sort of RV do you have?

  2. Sure, it's a 2001 35' class A Damon Intruder. Bought it in like new condition with 18k miles and 20 hours on the generator. Most of the work so far has been in keeping it clean. I have some trees that need to be removed/trimmed from around the driveway.

  3. went BIG! We're looking at getting a popup...heh. They are much less work, I believe.

  4. My wife grew up with a small RV and she has always wanted one. I did kinda go all out, but fell in love with it, it's like having a condo on wheels.