Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Old Friends

As is usually the case death has come in three's. We lost two old friends and one of my former co-workers this month. My former co-worker, Brian, was the same age as me, and while reading about someone your age in the paper passing is always sad, when you knew the person it really makes you wonder how long you have left. It seems a bit selfish but that is what lingers in the mind. I remember when forty seemed old, now it just feels it!

The second friend, Marry Ann, was in her 70's and I never knew it. She seemed like someone in her 50's at best. In fact it was probably a year and half since I last saw her and she was still taking care of her horses and doing more physical labor than I can do today. Since we hunted on her property on and off since I began hunting, Mary Ann, like my Grandfather, will always be remembered during the season.

Last but not least is the man my wife referred to as Uncle Bobby. A friend of my wife's family, I believe since her mom was in school. It is a rare thing to have a set of friends who are there for your entire lifetime but my in laws did. Bob's whole family has been part of our lives since the day I met my wife. He will be greatly missed as we go on our family trip to Canada next week, but I'm sure he will be with us in spirit.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your losses.

  2. Prayers and kind thoughts headed your way.