Monday, September 12, 2011

I've been using the N8squared Tactical (original) holster with my Ruger LC9 since the NRA meeting and I think I've finally had enough time on the hip to properly review it. I mainly purchased it because at the time there really wasn't much available fore the LC9, and it was recommended by a few people as a pretty good holster for a "generic" fit holster.

Design - The original holster is suede and leather with a piece of neoprene sewn in between. The suede is  very comfortable up against the skin and the neoprene keeps sweat from getting to the gun. This offers a great advantage for someone like myself who usually wears a tee or polo shirt with no tee shirt beneath.

Comfort - This is the first holster I have found that allows me to carry IWB without adding another layer of shirt, something I am not really eager to do in the hot summer months. The suede is the only thing that touches your skin, whereas every other IWB holster I have tried, either rough leather or part of the gun is touching skin.

Usabilty - The holster has a single metal clip and is pretty easy to get on and off, it moves very little and what little movement there is I blame on the lack of a good belt. I'm using a regular one inch dress belt, although I have finally ordered myself a good belt from Michael's Custom Holsters. The only real complaints I have with the holster is its generic gun fit, and it could be a little smaller for the gun that I'm using, of course those negatives go hand-in-hand with a gereric holster. One complaint I had initially, was that you couldn't easily reholster without removing the holster because the material would collaps back in on itself. This problem seems to have gone away with time as the holster seems to mold itself to your firearm the longer it is used.

One additional note is that the Nate's are now making a custom "plastic" holster with the same backing, although the number of guns supported at this point is still pretty small.

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