Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last Nights Debate

Three things that struck me as odd in last night’s debate.

1. Rick Perry kept saying that he had to give illegal’s financial aid so that they could be productive members of Texas rather than end up on the government dole. Ummm - If they are here illegally, why would they be eligible for government assistance? This is the type of circular logic that has got us where we are. If they are here illegally, SEND THEM HOME.

If we believe that we can handle more immigrants then streamline the process and allow them come in legally. Reduce the cost and time to gain legal entry, verify that they are not criminals and are willing to contribute to America, give them a Visa and start the process toward citizenship. It's not that hard.

2. A question was asked from an audience member. "What are the candidates doing to attract Latino voters" Huh? What has happened to us that a Latino voter is different than any other voter? So what are the candidates doing to attract the Mongolian voters? Just curious...

3. The Tea Party Debate on CNN? Is up down and down up? Are cats and dogs living together? I didn't get the memo. I thought the Tea Party was a bunch of racist hate mongering terrorists?

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