Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Hold-Up

No, not that kind of hold-up. My wife and I, joined by a brother, and my parents, managed to arrive 20 minutes late to my cousins wedding this past Saturday. The most embarrassing thing, was that they actually waited 20 minutes for us to arrive. The minister insisted that the wedding start on time, until he discovered that my mother was not only the brides aunt, but also the god mother. I never knew the title had clout. :-)

Of course the church had to be so small that the bridal party was waiting outside, because that's where they started from. I'm guessing they don't do a lot of winter weddings at this church.

There were some great words of wisdom during the ceremony in which the minister explained that "you must forgive your spouse, because things will happen, like BEING LATE!" As he looked over at us..

Good advice! But he really didn't seem all that forgiving as he threw in another dig about being late in a prayer before dinner.

My wife and I will be driving to the next wedding ALONE!


  1. Well I think that the important thing is that you arrived at the wedding.

  2. Funny thing is the priest have to teach you lessons about being late. It also happened to me. I got stuck on traffic for 30 minutes and I am the best man. by the way, the picture is really beautiful, they got the kids playing which makes it really alive. Did you hire a perth wedding photographer for this event?