Monday, January 17, 2011

On The Bright Side

I've determined that while I may be a procrastinator, I am not as bad as those two flocks of geese I observed flying south yesterday.
It is the middle of January in Western NY, it's a little late to bother now! Isn't it?

Who Elected This Again?

If you follow Schumers wish to it's logical conclusion, I'm not sure how far we would have to go back to have had an "eligible" president. After all, if you have used drugs, I don't see how you can be in control of all of the weapons within the US military..
Old Man Bush, Maybe??

Friday, January 14, 2011

They're At It Again

Never letting a good crisis go to waste, the anti's are out there trying to get something passed, anything. In this article they are actually saying that the lunatic in AZ would have been less dangerous with a 15 round magazine rather than a 33 round magazine. Really? Maybe if he had standard magazines with him he would not have fumbled the reload and things could have been much worse..

And in this piece of genius they are actually calling for police to boycott Glock if Glock doesn't stop selling 30+ round magazines to civilians, which by the way, last time I checked police were civilians. So no magazines for you either.. They call the Glock handgun a tool for killing people not for hunting. No shit! When I carry a handgun, unless I'm in bear country it's to defend myself against two legged critters not four! Oh, and do you really want me carrying my .44 magnum (hunting handgun) within the city limits rather than my 9mm?

The amazing thing in all of this (other than the left blaming Sarah Palin & the TEA Parties) was to watch how long it took the anti gun groups to send out emails saying we needed stronger background checks and must close the gunshow loophole. Gunshow? Where did that come from? I thought this lune got his handgun from a retail store. Oh yeah it's already in the talking points list so you have to through it out there. Being in New York, I'm actually surprised that they didn't mention microstamping as the solution.

NYAGV actually titled their email on Monday "For The Sake of Our Children". For the sake of my children I will continue to fight to make sure that they have the right to carry a firearm for their own defence!

It's sad when a lunatic does something like this, my heart goes out to everyone involved, but it's even more sad when the result is a loss of liberty that many more died for in the creation, and later the defence of this republic. Lets not allow any tragedy to be overshadowed by an even worse one, the loss of liberty!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Have a Win

We finally got some good news in New York, we won the case in Chwick v Mulvey.
Nassau County baned guns that were "deceptively colored". The State Supreme Court determined that the law was preempted by state law and therefore was nullified. In New York we have something called the doctrine of conflict preemption. This is a creation of the courts to allow state law to trump local laws if it looks to the court like the state intended to have power over that area or subject.

Yes, this can be as clear as mud. Welcome to New York!

The whole decision can be read here.