Saturday, March 26, 2011

Range Time

We finally made it to the range two weekends in a row. My son turned 18 in February and of course he had to purchase a gun, just because he could. He didn't have much money so he bought a Hi-Point rifle. He already has a couple of shotguns and a .22 so he thought 9mm would be a nice change. It took this long to find a weekend where there wasn't a foot of snow on the range and of course it's back, we got four inches this week. :-(
I was impressed for such a cheap piece of hardware, it shot flawlessly. It is crudely manufactured but hey, you can always sand off the rough edges. The point is, it goes bang and does it pretty accurately which I guess is all you really need in a firearm.

While at home unloading the car I got my annual bombing from above. Yes, a robin perched in a tree above my car made sure that when he took a crap he did it right over me and hit my arm. The accuracy of the robin must not be that good because Seagulls always manage to hit me square in the head. I'm not sure what I've done to the bird population in general but they sure have it out for me. It seems like every year I get crapped on but it came early this year. I sure hope it's not a sign of things to come..

Chuck Schumer Says Whaaaaat?

New York Senator Schumer is talking out of both sides of his butt again! Yes I'm trying to keep it PG.. Everyone who pays attention to anything knows that Chucky doesn't think anyone should own or carry a firearm but himself, which is why he supports gun bans.

Now he's pretending to support moving Bushmaster manufacturing to the Remington plant in New York. Why they want to do any business in a state with our taxes, and with the majority of politicians hostile to their products is beyond me, but I will leave that discussion for another day.

Funny how he doesn't mention that without civilian sales they would most likely not even be in the AR15 business..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Breaking Down The Doors?

WTF? Why don't they just knock? Not to minmize the seriousness of the crime but it's not like they are raiding some gang bangers house. Too many Innocent people and even more family pets get killed in these dynamic entries for stupid crap.

Here's an idea. Watch the house and when the perv comes home during the afternoon or evening, arrest him at his door. You could probably take his keys and gain entry using the doorknob. Wrong house? No one gets shot, and the door is still attached at the hinges.

I guess they wouldn't get to have all that fun busting doors and threatening unarmed people with their rifles then.. Just sayin' !

Just Go Away!

The king, umm I mean mayor, of NYC just can't mind his own business. I guess he's taking a little time off from his assault on our civil rights around the country to pick on a city closer to home.

I personally refuse to visit or spend a dime in that rat hole until that piece of crap is gone!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Five year old bathed, Dad sufficiently beaten in Wii golf and Bowling, time for dad to relax and have a glass of wine with Mom.

Ash Wednesday Ash

Im sitting at work and I hear all this laughing. A team lead walked over to one of the voice engineers and wiped her forehead saying "you have toner on your forehead".
It brought back memories of me doing the same thing to a manager about 12 years ago. I felt like an idiot, especially since I was baptized catholic, but it was funny.

That's how the thought process works when you work at a company that manufactures printers/copiers!

- Dave

Friday, March 4, 2011

What's New?

I guess many things have changed since my last post. The Middle East and Wisconsin are on fire and we may finally be thawing out in Western New York.
I went through my safe the other day and found I had three shotguns I haven't shot yet.. I sure am looking forward to some range time.. I'm hoping to shoot an IDPA match this spring. I don't plan to get serious about competing but thought it would be good practice for CC.
I finally received my new Alessi holster for my SR9c and now I need to figure out how to break it in. The pistol goes in nice, but pulling it out is difficult. It looks like the slide serrations are griping the leather and filing it on the draw. I guess a few hundred draws should do the trick if I ever find the time...
I guess I better get back to work!