Friday, October 21, 2011

Minnie's Hit the Streets

So I asked our exchange student what he did while in NYC.

His reply "We shopped and did a little sight seeing, I saw Donald Trump, and that guy that used to play the Hulk on the TV show." "Oh yeah, I saw Minnie Mouse selling drugs too!"

Hey king Bloomberg, Isn't that illegal? Funny, I can't carry down there, but Minnie Mouse is selling drugs on the street corner unobstructed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Castles Are No Big Deal

Lesson learned...
Apparently viewing a castle in Scotland is equivalent to visiting Niagara Falls for a Western New Yorker. Meh!

First Deer

My son got his first deer on Sunday. He's been hunting for a few years, but with swim season and hunting season being at the same time, he doesn't get a lot of time in the field. This was only his third time out with the bow in the three years he has had it, and first time out this year. It's a bit small but those are the best eating..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spreading the Message of Liberty to the UK

My son signed up to be part of a Scottish foreign exchange program, so we have been pretty busy getting ready for our guest ... read ... busy house cleaning! He arrived on Tuesday and since we have little time over the two weeks where something isn't already planned, I asked him what he would like to do or see while he's here. To my amazement he said "I want to go shooting" I figured he's already had conversations about this with my son before he arrived, so I asked what would you like to shoot? He said "everything," and I found myself a very happy host.. Unfortunately, we only had about a two hour window between getting to the range and dark, but we did manage to squeeze in a quick safety lesson, and "how to," I won't call it marksmanship training, followed by two hours of handgun and rifle shooting. Since we only had the short window, I brought as many of the firearms that are banned in the UK as possible. An AR-15, AK47, Hi point 9mm, and a bunch of handguns, 9mm full size down to the pocket sized Ruger LC9, a .40 S&W and a pocket .380. Once it got dark we cleaned up and went to the shotguns and I set him and my son up on the trap field under the lights for a round of trap. He was introduced to a Beretta semi-auto and a Browning over/under both in 12 gauge.

I started him on the pistols at 20 yrds he was on paper pretty quick.

AWB complient AR with no flash suppressor. Cool pic, dumb law!

I told him to try nealing with the AK and he went right into a perfect position.

The boys all coyboy'd up :-) Yes we live in the wrong state, but it's still America!

That boy was having some fun!

He was a pretty good shot for his first time behind a trigger. He did real well with rifle, pistol and shotgun, he even broke about 25% of his trap targets which is darn good for never holding a shotgun before.

The only real issue I had was breaking him of the natural tendency to rest you finger in the trigger guard, or on the trigger when he was not ready to shoot.

We also had many conversations about the 2nd amendment, natural rights, self defense and carrying, which he never seemed to argue against. It makes me wonder what percentage of the UK believes in citizens being armed and able to defend themselves and if there's hope for them in the future. He says he'd like to live here just so he can own a gun.  I guess I've done my part to to sew the seeds of liberty to our young Scottish guest. Hopefully he spreads the message while home.

Friday, October 7, 2011

No Surprise Here

The result of less gun control has been.. Oooops, less crime and murder? Huh?

Nothing to see here mainstream media, carry on... Maybe you can tell us how great BHO's jobs bill is, or how stupid and evil conservatives and Tea Party members are. Or how corporations are greedy and evil; even though government is the cause of most of the corporate problems..

Yes guns are bad ok, carry on...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Bring a Taser to a Gunfight

Hopefully they will remember the image of the store owner drawing his handgun and seriously consider a career change. Yeah, probably not, but one can hope...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Guns Stolen From Dying Robber

In what has to be one of the oddest self defense stories of the year.

A retired police officer shoots someone who is trying to rob him, and somehow gets his handgun taken from him during the shooting. While the aerated criminal is passing on to the next world, an individual who just happens to be passing by, decides to lighten his load and remove two handguns from him while he's laying in the street.

I also find it disgusting that they will give whoever took the guns a pass "if they just turn them in." Meanwhile, the average guy who's exercising his rights, never committed a crime, but doesn't have all the proper paperwork, will have his life turned upside down for carrying or simple possession of a handgun. What's wrong with this picture?

HP Touchpad

I just received the HP TouchPad which I ordered during a recent $99 fire sale. It's not the device I really wanted, iPad, but for the price I think this will do for now. Maybe my blog will be more active with a portable device in tow. We shall see....